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The new hand sizing tool comes in two formats, the physical sizing device and the digital pdf version. Additonally sizing Hand Forms are used by manufacturers.
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The Hand Sizing Tool

The patented hand sizing tool to optimize glove fit.

PDF Version

The PDF version so you can size your hands at home.


The benefits to a well fit gloves are so good, you'll want to keep the gloves on your hands, not in your pockets.

Optimum Tactility

The drawbacks of an ill fit glove make it hard to manipulate small objects with your hands. With the new hand sizing tool, we can ensure optimal fit, improving your sense of touch and making object manipulation that much easier.

Increased Strength

When your gloves don't fit right, you don't feel right. Sizing your hands gives your gloves maximum grip strength and dexterity.

Reduced Fatigue

Gloves too small will tire hands during extended wear, so get some properly fitted gloves to reduce glove-induced fatigue.


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By the US Military

Want to read what the US Military thinkgs about the new hand sizing tool?

Masley Enterprises

Masley Gloves created the technology to improve glove fit everywhere.

Masley Enterprises

The Hand Sizing Tool was developed by Frank Masley of Masley Enterprises Inc. and Stacey Lee, glove Project Engineer with the U.S. Army. The Hand Sizing Tool is available for sale by MASLEY Enterprises Inc.

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